Byam School Association

The Byam School Association is our open Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), comprised of energetic parents and staff dedicated to enhancing the work of the teachers and staff at our school by providing them and our children with needed staffing, supplies, special events and support when and where it is needed. It is our goal to bring together the talents of our families and our school professionals to create an environment where all children are inspired to learn, dream, believe and achieve to their greatest potential.

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Byam School Association Monthly Meetings

Time: 7 p.m.
Location: BSA meetings will be held either in person at Byam Library, and/or streamed live.
  • Wednesday September 13th @ 7pm HYBRID (library and virtual)
  • Wednesday October 4th @ 7pm HYBRID (library and virtual)
  • Wednesday November 15th @ 7pm (VIRTUAL only)
  • Wednesday December 13th @ 7pm (VIRTUAL only, will be canceled if no pressing matters)
  • Wednesday January 10th @ 7pm (VIRTUAL only)
  • Wednesday February 7th @ 7pm (VIRTUAL only)
  • Wednesday March 13th @ 7pm (VIRTUAL only)
  • Wednesday April 10th @ 7pm HYBRID (library and virtual)
  • Wednesday May 8th @ 7pm HYBRID (library and virtual)
  • Wednesday June 5th @ 7pm HYBRID (library and virtual)

Previous Meeting Minutes

Fundraising Opportunities

No Brainer Donation

We depend on donations to make enrichment programming and field trips a reality for our students.  Each year the BSA pays for two enrichment programs per grade and transportation to field trips.  The BSA is also responsible for funding the playground and classroom supplies and teacher needs during the year.  In order to cover the costs (average of $65/student each year) we need to fundraise through events like: Walkathon, school picture day, Square 1 Art, catalogues, dances, major league sports outings, and other events!

Tired of the school fundraisers, but still want to support the BSA?

Our NO-BRAINER donation might be right for you… and Byam BSA will be able to keep 100% of the proceeds for future enrichments, field trips, and events!


Company Match

As a non-profit, the Byam Elementary BSA is eligible for company-matching donations as well as in-kind donations of services, products for auctions and raffles, and other gifts. Contact us at if you need our Tax ID.


Volunteers Make the Difference at Byam Elementary School

There are opportunities to help during the school day, on the weekends, and in the evening. Are you a social media maven, a creative artist, an organizer, scheduler, planner or doer? It takes ALL KINDS to make the BSA run. We offer a number of events each year and in order to put on these events WE NEED YOU!  Please take a look at our upcoming events and pay close attention to the weekly school newsletter and our Facebook page to find opportunities that fit your schedule.

Please note that all classroom volunteers (library, math, etc.) must complete and submit a CORI form to the Byam School office. Please contact the school office for a CORI form.

Volunteer Newsletter:
Looking to get more involved, but don’t know where to start? Sign up to be a part of our volunteer newsletter! This form doesn’t lock you into anything, we will simply add you to an email list. As new specific and random needs arise, you will be the first to know!


Board Members

Carolyn Sousa |

Vice President (Fundraising):
Cyndi Moses |

Tracy O’Neill |
Meghan Costello |

Enrichment Coordinators:
Kaitlyn Myers |
Andrea Laffin |

Danielle Hill |

Social Media & Streaming:
Zoha Souri |
Hailey Davis |