About the Byam Elementary School





Jason N. Fredette, Principal – Email: Jason Fredette


Byam Elementary School has a student population of roughly 515 students from kindergarten through fourth grade. Byam prides itself on educating the whole child and creating a caring and supportive environment for every student to learn. The staff is committed to providing high quality instruction with a solid understanding in pedagogy and developmentally appropriate practices. Students are held to high standards and are supported to achieve those standards by a host of talented educators and support staff. The staff is also steadfast in their professional growth and development in order to better serve the students and families of the Byam community.

Our entire staff creates a welcoming atmosphere at Byam that fosters important partnerships with the school community. Our school is tremendously enriched by its active and responsive families. The Byam School Association (BSA) is a formalized parent organization which provides generous backing and enrichment to enhance the educational experience of the school community. We value these partnerships and strive to make Byam a wonderful place to learn and grow.